Humboldt 1 Palais-Hotel & Bar
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As a guest, you will experience service in a personal form which has become rare. The Humboldt1 Palais-Hotel offers the experience of quality, honest heartiness and a palpable commitment for the guest. Breakfast, for instance, is served with carefully selected products, many of them biological and, if desired, is served in guests’ rooms without any additional cost.

Moreover, guests can choose from a variety of services, including among other things an ironing service and a shoe cleaning service with shoe care products from Scheer Shoes – 7 Generations from Vienna, our concierge service, errands and shopping service, table reservations and much more.

On request we offer a champagne breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Select products, marmalades, spreads for bread (including for vegans), mueslis and cereals, dried fruits, yoghurt, fruit, cold meat slices, ham, cheese, biological or sockeye salmon and scrambled eggs, almost all of which are biological products. In addition, we offer fresh baked products from Balkhausen or Bastians bakeries, direct juices, hot drinks and of course our own house champagne from Lallier.

Price per person: 34.00 €

Price per person without champagne: 18,00 €

We look forward to hearing from you on 0221-27243387

bhumboldt 1 Breakfast celuxe

Our guest gift for hotel guests… take a little pleasure from the Humboldt 1 home!!
In cooperation with our partner, the Cafe Gliss Contor, we are pleased to be able to give our guests now a taste of our arabica breakfast coffee from Guatemala!

Kaffee Gliss Hotel Köln

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