Our drinks selection 2016

Whether Früh Kölsch, biolemonades and alcoholic of Lammersbräu, Fritz-Cola, Sünner lemonades, coffee of Gliss cafe Contor, juices from Van-Nahmen, wines, sparkling wines and spirits, we have also in the choice of our drinks nothing to the chance leave.
Our long close and loyal friends, partners and suppliers support us with the consultation and choice, not only with the facilities of the hotel, but also with the composition of our bar map.
With us in the hotel bar primarily wines are to be found smaller of German predicate vineyards, supplemental by wines from Spain, Austria and Italy. They are often offered in tiny amounts, so that our wine-list always survives.
The result is worth the trouble: Our often renewed and individual wines always have surprises for you ready.
They will find qualitative-high-quality spirits like rum from Venezuela, Peru and the Dominican Republic, whisky, as for example from Austria, gin from Germany, England, Scotland and the USA and a lot more.
We have decided consciously in addition to offer no cocktails.
At drink wishes of our regular customers we very exactly come and have your preferential drops on offer.

Our wines and champagnes

White                                                                                                                0,20 l        0,75 l
2013 Riesling Gies Düppel Pfalz                                                                    6.80        25.00
2013 Grauburgunder Peth-Wetz Rheinhessen                                           6.80        25.00
2013 Weissburgunder Dr. Loosen Mosel                                                     7.00        26.00
2013 Sauvignon blanc Mosbacher Pfalz                                                       8.80        32.00
2014 Grüner Veltliner Fetzer Weinviertel                                                     8.00        28.00
2013 Jose Pariente Verdejo Dos Victorias Rueda Spanien                        7.00         26.00
2013 Dorsheimer Riesling Schlossgut Diel Nahe                                                        30.00

2012 Assemblage Peth-Wetz Rheinhessen                                                  6.80        25.00
2011 Ursprung Markus Schneider Pfalz                                                       7.00        26.00
2012 Blaufränkisch Tesch Mittelburgenland                                               7.00        26.00
2011 Elias Mora Toro                                                                                       8.50        30.00
2012 Petra Ebo Val di Cornia Toscana                                                          8.50        30.00
2008 Supremus IGT Toscana                                                                          9.80        38.00

Rosé                                                                                                                   0,10 l       0,75 l
2014 Mas Donis Celler de Capçanes Spanien                                              6.00        22.00

Sparkling wine & champagne
Humboldt Sekt Chardonnay                                                                           5.50        36.00
Bouvet Tresor Rose                                                                                          6.00        38.00
Cremant de Loire Domaine de Cray                                                              6.00        38.00
Cremant Sapphite brut Bouvet Ladubay                                                      6.50        40.00
Champagne Lallier                                                                                         10.00        72.00
Dom Pérignon                                                                                                                 255.00

Choice from our spirit map

Williams Birne Nussbaumer                                                                            5.50
Walnussgeist Gansloser                                                                                   7.50
Grappa Duebimbe                                                                                             6.00
Grappa Branda 55                                                                                             6.50

Kauffmann Russland                                                                                         7.50

SOS – Spirit of Sylt                                                                                              5.00
Ferdinand’s Saar                                                                                                6.50
Monkey 47 Baden Württemberg                                                                     7.00
Hendricks Schottland                                                                                        6.00
Old English Gin England                                                                                    6.00

Brandy Grand Duque D’Alba                                                                            5.50
Cognac Remy Martin VSOP                                                                               7.00

Botucal Reserva Exclusiva 12 years Venezuela                                             5.00
Centenario Costa Rica                                                                                       7.50
Ron Cartavio XO Peru                                                                                        8.50

Talisker 10 years                                                                                                 6.50
Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch                                                          6.50
Port Charlotte Islay Single Malt                                                                        7.00
Weutz White Smoke Steiermark                                                                      8.50